Real Estate in Myrtle Beach

Certified Pre-Owned Homes

CPOThree Steps – Overcoming the hurdles upfront

  1. Appraisal
    • Get an unbiased opinion of value
    • Old fashioned real estate vs CPO approach
    • Supporting value, selling faster
    • More likely to appraise
    • Agents get 30 minutes training in re school to do CMAs, Appraisers have up to 300 hours. When the low ball offer comes in – the Appraisal trumps the CMA.
  1. Inspection
    • On average, a home inspection is 30+ pages, with 15 items that need repair
    • Average $$ requested $1,500
    • Average cost to repair items $500
    • Costs around $400 depending on size of home
    • Inspection is one of the main hurdles to a deal closing
    • Become more important as Due Diligence allows Buyers to walk for any reason
    • Seller has time to get quotes or fix the nit-picky things themselves
    • Repair requests can be thousands and Sellers feel over a barrel at this point
    • 50% of buyers choose to use our disclosed inspection
    • Buyer Agents LOVE homes that offer a CPO – it saves them time helping their buyers with homes that may ‘fail’.

Having the inspection and doing repairs upfront puts the seller in the driving seat and saves money AND stress! More time is available to get quotes if necessary. Having an inspection on file allows the seller to compete more effectively. Remember that buyers are often couples, don’t give one of them ammunition to choose the other home.

  1. Home Warranty
    • Generally not paid until closing
    • Often provides seller coverage while listed

Why do Buyers, Sellers and Agents love CPO Homes

  • Sellers can breathe a sigh of relief
  • Buyers can negotiate being more aware of any issues with the home
  • Home is more likely to appraise
  • Home is unlikely to have 15 issues on inspection
  • Even if buyer is still nervous, Home Warranty will take care of anything for a year
  • Gives Buyer Agents something to fight to show your home for
  • Creates a win-win transaction


Wow – Certified Pre-owned certification is a no-brainer when I am selling my home!  Please contact me and show me how I can save money, sell my home faster, AND do it all with a lot less stress. In fact, darn it, I want to enjoy the home selling process. Is this really possible?


Imagine the stress-free experience of purchasing a home that offers you an appraisal and inspection upfront. What’s more, in that first expensive year, the home warranty will cover many things that may go wrong! Have a CPO Expert buyer agent contact you and discover the new way to purchase a home.